Tyler Ray | Traveling Documentary Wedding Photographer



As a documentary wedding photographer, you are the meaning of my work and so, you see, I’m very pleased you’re here. Thank you.

Truthfully, I don’t care about wedding photography as a genre. I care about photography and what it means to have a photograph of someone you love. As a documentary wedding photographer I approach your day through the eyes of your friends and family. I rarely photograph at the same venue twice which is a cherished advantage that gives me fresh eyes and genuine excitement.

I’m an artist, an image craftsman, and an experimenter having a lot of fun. I’m just a guy who will come along, hang out, join the excitement and produce meaningful images all the while. These photographs don’t happen because it’s normal to have a guy with a camera glued to his face 3 feet away from you, rather it happens  because you know I’m there and are completely comfortable about it.

My distinct style is the product of “hey let’s try this” in my unyielding commitment to my craft and complete trust from clients who commission me.

I take photos that are a part of your legacy, I take photos that matter and I love it.


Click on a pin to see my work. Countries highlighted in red are countries that are a goal to photograph in. Red pins show upcoming travel. If you’re planning a wedding, please contact me right away for full information, investment, and travel.