burma part 2

Journalistic Photography from Rangoon, Bagan, Kalaw, and Inle Lake.

In 2011 my girlfriend and I went to Burma for 12 days.  We started in Rangoon and almost immediately traveled north to Bagan.  After spending three days wondering around the ruins we headed east to Inle Lake via Kalaw and two day hiking trek across the hills.  We made it back to Rangoon for a couple of days of sight seeing before flying out.  If I knew what I do now, I would have stayed much longer than we did.  These photos come from an era in Burma’s history that is quickly passing as the iron fist military dictatorship slowly erodes beginning with the April 2012 elections.  If every other country that has transitioned into the global framework from isolationism has shown us anything, it is that traditional scenes like many in the photos here, will not last. Burma sits in the crux of South Asia, between India, China, and Thailand.  It is a resource rich country with a large population.  It is poised for huge development in decades to come with foreign investors chomping at the bit to get in on ground zero of the policy relaxations.  Historically Burma has been a friend of the UK and the USA, however other countries in the region eye Burma for it’s economic and strategic value.

I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived, and I certainly didn’t expect to feel how I do when I left.  Since then, I have had a burden to share Burma with people in my world back in the USA.  I have done this through photo expositions and talking about my experiences and events from the news with friends and strangers.  It is my intention to go back soon and follow up on these photos.

First Burma Post here.

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  • Lily Steele May 21st, 2012 10:52 pm

    Hi Tyler,

    I really like your photography! It makes you feel like your right there in the photo. Good Job!
    I would say that you should target thai restuants or local galleries. Check out my website and maybe I can help fill in the gaps on places to show your photography that will full suit your style. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Lily Steele

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