eloping in washington state


A beautiful place away from all the crowds.


Eloping in Washington State hurricane ridge

Hurricane Ridge

Distance from Seatac Airport: 3h
Accessibility: Easy
Crowds: Some
Notes: It’s worth the drive to this grand vista and friendly deer.

Eloping in Washington State Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Distance from Seatac Airport: 35m
Access difficulty: Moderate 4 mile hike
Crowds: Some
Notes: Not particularly challenging, but it’s uphill and takes about an hour and 20 minutes to reach the top.

Eloping in Washington State frenchman coulee

Frenchman Coulee

Distance from Seatac Airport: 2h30m
Access difficulty: Easy
Crowds: Likely none
Notes: This stunning vista overlooks the Columbia River and is one of the most unique views of Washington State far away from the iconic forests.

Eloping in Washington State seattle

The Arthur Foss

Distance from Seatac Airport: 20m
Access difficulty: Easy
Crowds: None on the boat, a few in the nearby park
Notes: With 128 years of service, this tugboat was christened the year Washington became a state.

Eloping in Washington State seattle municipal court

Seattle Municipal Courthouse

Distance from Seatac Airport: 20m
Access difficulty: Easy
Crowds: None
Notes: For a clean, easy ceremony the courthouse is a logical choice. The Seattle Municipal Courthouse boasts a rooftop garden overlooking the city.

Eloping in Washington State orcas island

Orcas Island

Distance from Seatac Airport: 3h30m (1h by seaplane)
Access difficulty: Easy
Notes: The largest of the San Juan Islands and with stunning mountain top vistas, island beaches, dark forests, mountain lakes, farms and fields, Orcas has many photographic options.

Eloping in Washington State mt rainier

Mt. Rainier

Distance from Seatac Airport: 2h
Access difficulty: Moderate
Notes: With three entrances, Sunrise is the closest from Seattle and provides some of the most beautiful views of the alpine terrain.

Eloping in Washington State hoh rainforest

Hoh Rainforest

Distance from Seatac Airport: 4h
Access difficulty: Moderate
Notes: Moody and gloomy moss laden trees and fern covered ground makes the Hoh unique in the world.

Eloping in Washington State cape flattery

Cape Flattery

Distance from Seatac Airport: 4h30m
Access difficulty: Moderate
Notes: At the northwest tip of the contiguous United States, Cape Flattery boasts iconic PNW scenery.

A Unique Experience

Are you eloping in Washington State but want something a bit more unique or off the beaten path? Have an idea of your own or want some suggestions? As an elopement photographer, I take some pride scouting locations and finding new and beautiful places to photograph couples. Let’s chat, contact me today.