fox island wedding // holly & amy

Holly and Amy’s Fox Island Wedding and BBG Bash

fox island wedding

Holly contacted me in July about the good news of her and Amy’s upcoming wedding on Fox Island in the Puget Sound. Island life is one of the local charms of Western Washington and weddings on islands are the best.

I met with Holly and Amy a few month before their wedding to prepare for it. Holly said,

“Your portfolio is the first I have really felt a connection with since I started my search – so much so that I am contacting you even though I am worried about my budget. Ceremony (short, I hope) is on Fox Island. The reception is immediately following at a large cabin in Gig Harbor, which I envision with more or a BBQ/kegs/family reunion feel.”

the ceremonial keg tapping

I knew right away I had the right people when the reception was referred to as the “Ceremonial Keg Tapping,” and they had the right photographer.

IMG_1000HollyAmy IMG_1002HollyAmy

Each of their fathers walked the ladies to the ocean view alter at the Fox Island United Church, where Reverend Janet Matthews performed the happy ceremony. It was a very emotional celebration and the good feelings were strong among both their families and very close group of friends.

IMG_1096HollyAmy IMG_1108HollyAmy

Holly & Amy couldn’t get enough of the rainbow. Their bracelets were especially chosen for this moment.

IMG_1085HollyAmy IMG_1058HollyAmy

Being in September, their choice of black-eye susans and snapdragons was just beautiful.
Fox Island Alliance Church Fox Island WeddingIMG_0866HollyAmyFox Island WeddingIMG_1422HollyAmy Fox Island Alliance Church Fox Island Wedding

Some things happen so unexpectedly and perfectly in my little photography world. I have never seen rainbows so vividly through my lens before, but while doing portraits behind the Fox Island United Church right after the ceremony I created these beautiful rainbow anomalies. Fox Island Alliance Church Fox Island Wedding IMG_3467HollyAmy IMG_3532HollyAmy
The Ceremonial Keg Tapping, AKA Reception, was held at a VRBO outside of Gig Harbor.

IMG_3979HollyAmy IMG_3834HollyAmy IMG_3626HollyAmy IMG_3650HollyAmyIMG_4095HollyAmy IMG_4171HollyAmy IMG_4168HollyAmy IMG_4160HollyAmy IMG_4152HollyAmy IMG_3848HollyAmy IMG_4099HollyAmy IMG_4110HollyAmy IMG_3676HollyAmy IMG_3690HollyAmy IMG_4042HollyAmy IMG_4015HollyAmy

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