kachess lake wedding // amber & chris

Amber and Chris have been together for 10 years and have three adorable little children who were integral parts of the day’s celebration. They decided to finally publicly say what they’ve known for many years and put on a Lake Kachess wedding in Washington State

They are not flashy people and kept the whole thing near and dear to themselves and their families.

Everybody, the bride, groom, and guests stood in a big circle which made the whole thing quite intimate. The ceremony was short, with a hand tying ceremony. One of the touching elements of the ceremony was to have the wedding rings passed around the circle and each person saying what Amber, Chris, and their relationships meant to them. After the ceremony, which was held at 10:00 am, a simple but feast-like brunch was served with Mighty-O Doughnuts  (a Seattle delicacy) and gallons of coffee. A traditional take on wedding decor and theme was replaced with “our decor is the world around us”.
Amber found me on Instagram when I ran a promotion for a free wedding coverage in 2016. She didn’t win my promotion but she had to hire me anyways. I’m very happy she did.

Chris said, “my favorite things about Amber are that she loves with all her heart and that she puts her family before everything. She is extremely talented and creative soul weather its musical, art, design or just preparing meals for the family. I also love her ever present desire to to explore nature with me.”
y favorite things about Chris is he’s always laid back and happy. He’s generally calming to me, I am the opposite of calm most the time. He talks a lot so in social situations I don’t have to . Blonde hair and blue eyes Love! I was supposed to pick one thing?…..and he is the best father to our children I could ever ask for.”



This Lake Kachess wedding was made possible by the love between two bright people and those who contributed below:

The bride’s dress was purchased from Modcloth and the dress name is “Ethereal Love”.
The groom’s bolo tie is from TheNorthwoodCo found on Etsy.
The bride’s ring was designed by Margaret Solow and purchased at Compass Rose in Tacoma.
The doughnuts were from Mighty-O.
The photographs were provided by Tyler Ray Photography.


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