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Denise contacted me in February for her upcoming redwoods state park wedding wedding:


We are having a small outdoor wedding on the first day of summer, Saturday, June 21, in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. We’ve reserved Williams Grove, an entire group campground and day-use area on the Eel River for the ceremony, reception, and guest camping.

I worked closely with Denise and Matt to make a budget that would work for us both as I was coming from Seattle to the Redwoods State Park and had some additional expenses surrounding traveling.  Lodging was easy, I stayed with the party at the campground.

Here are some thoughts and words from the bride.
My college roommate knew Matt from her hometown. He came over to our house for dinner and I reeled him in hook, line, and sinker with my Spicy Shrimp Pasta.
I can’t remember an “aha!” moment, so I guess I always knew [he was the one]. On our first date he planned, we went to a rocket launch, ate biscuits at Cracker Barrel, and listened to Band of Horses. So yeah, I guess I knew then. The first date.
We had moved to Oakland from our native Florida about a year and a half before the wedding. It was obvious that we wanted our family and friends, most traveling across the country, to experience the natural beauty of California. We went to Humboldt Redwoods State Park for a weekend camping trip, discovered Williams Grove, and knew right away that it was where we wanted to have the wedding [redwoods state park wedding].
The only thing I remember is taking deep breaths and trying to keep it together. I failed miserably, crying like a baby the whole time. I couldn’t hold them back! It was overwhelming being surrounded by the love of all of our family and friends sitting there. My mind went blank, but looking back I’ll say I was thinking about how lucky Matt and I were.
The lace-sleeved bolero was handmade by a company called Grace Loves Lace [Adele]. The name of the style “Adele”, is also my grandmother’s name! The dress underneath was made by a company called Mignon.
We spent the most on food (Uniquely Yours Catering), drink (Humboldt Event Services), photography (inquire now!), and live music. These were the things that were most important to us. The small guest list saved us a lot. Also, we didn’t have any floral costs. My mom made all the boutonnieres, corsages, and floral decorations from flowers and other greenery that she scavenged from the park. Don’t tell the ranger!
IMG_2415 IMG_2558 IMG_2535 IMG_2520 IMG_2961
We had been racking our heads to figure out what to do for music at an outdoor venue with no electricity. Then I heard Brother Grand play at the museum where I work. I emailed them about it and they were interested. We’re really grateful to have found two insanely talented and down to earth guys to bring their stand-up bass and foot tambourine!
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Do you have recommendations for other couples planning a remote, destination wedding?
Don’t be scared to do it! It took us a lot of time and effort, but it was worth all of the research and planning. 

I’m a photographer based out of Seattle and I travel all over for weddings and elopements like the splendid Humboldt Redwoods State park wedding. If you’re inspired by this couple and their intrepid sense of adventure then I encourage you to please contact me about your wedding. Fill out the full form on my contact page, or just drop me a line below.

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