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On To of the World – Routeburn Great Walk

Routeburn Great Walk is one of New Zealand great wilderness treks. Of which, New Zealand has many. Routeburn Great Walk is characterized by the passing through one high pass. On one side lays Routeburn and the other the Hollyford Valley. The Routeburn Great Walktracks snakes through the temperate jungle made up of beech trees and Jurassic sized fern trees. It’s rugged, it’s cool (in December), and if you’ve never been here before, it’s really hard to convey the essence of these forests. Being from the Pacific Northwest I know forests, and each forest found in it’s corner of Earth has it’s own essence that neither words nor photographs can adequately explain. This is one of those forests that one must visit and sit in peace and quiet for some time.

Coming from the Milford Sound side of the trail, the trail comes to Lake Mackenzie Huts. We spent the night there before summiting Harris Saddle. The trail between Lack Mackenzie Huts and Harris Saddle is largely alpine and above the trees. A magnificent sights awaits you once you break through the trees with the Hollyford Valley steeply dropping off to your left. Once you pass Harris Saddle, the trail becomes very steep and the drop is quick towards Routeburn Flats Huts, from there though, it’s an easy promenade to the trial end.

Untitled_Panorama9IMG_9151 routeburn great walk new zelandUntitled_Panorama10 Untitled_Panorama7 routeburn new zealand IMG_9536 IMG_9504 IMG_9494 routeburn falls new zealand IMG_9470 IMG_9440sm routeburn new zealand harris saddle harris saddle, routeburn, new zealand IMG_9427 IMG_9414 IMG_9333 routburn great walk IMG_9211 IMG_9206quadruple exposure with canon 6d j IMG_0826


These photographs and all the other photographs from New Zealand 2014 were photographed on a Canon 6D and a 50mm 1.2 lens.


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