Although today I’m a wedding photographer based out of Seattle, I wasn’t always going to be a photographer. In college I studied Environmental Science and French. However, in the years following graduation my life took a dramatic turn towards my passion of photography when I lived in Korea.

Photography has been transformative for me as an individual and I am excited to photograph your wedding. Your wedding is personal work. 

destination wedding photographer

I’m on the right, and these are my people.

Your beauty and passion for life are what I tap into for inspiration, making you two are my my muses.

I’m not there to tell my story. I’ll be telling yours.



I live in Greenwood, Seattle, where I ride my blue Bianchi Brava whenever possible. I work from my home office most days and I always have a home remodeling project going on in little my 1920s Caftsman house. You may encounter me popping into microbreweries to get some work outside my office though, or meeting with couples for cocktails or coffee on Sunday afternoons. My wife and I like to travel the world eating and scuba diving as we go. I’m an INTP, for the nerds out there. I thoroughly enjoy a good party even if I don’t talk very much.

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