tami + shawn Engaged

We looked like models

Tami and Shawn were by no means trained models. They were self-conscious, fidgety, and fully too aware of the camera to relax. Here is the situation I’m now in, I have these two people who aren’t entirely comfortable having photos taken of them, they’ve paid me to do this, I’m in the crucible at this point.

I must transition Tami and Shawn from self-conscious (and reasonably so!) and awkward, to comfortable and stunning. This session took about two hours, which is common. By the end of the shoot, every glance, every smirk, every peek at the camera just killed it–was obliterated. Through a series of exercises, unbeknownst to them, I was able to loosen them up and let their cool-cat personalities really shine through. That’s really what makes it though, the experience of the professional you’ve chosen to trust. A less experienced Tyler Ray would not have been able to help Tami and Shawn look so fabulous. The end result is two fold rewarding. First, these two saw themselves in a way they may have never seen each other. They may have gorgeous senior photos from high school, but that was 10 years ago. When we took a moment to review the images halfway through the session, I could see their eyes light up, they were seeing how sexy and thrilling they look. That’s one of those exercises, showing the images to you so you can get inspired.

IMG_5131 IMG_5147 IMG_5186 IMG_5217 IMG_5222 IMG_5242 IMG_5248 IMG_5318 IMG_5336 IMG_5345 IMG_5369 IMG_5376 IMG_5393 IMG_5403 IMG_5450 IMG_5451 IMG_5454 IMG_5460 IMG_5464 IMG_5468 IMG_5471 IMG_5521 IMG_5551 IMG_5593

If you’re down here, obviously you liked the set. I can photograph you, too. If you’re engaged, getting married, or want a set of solo portraits done you must contact me immediately. Use the contact form if you like, or email me directly at tylerray@gmail.com.

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